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SOCO Architectural Design is a full service, residential design company. We mostly work on projects that we will ultimately build-out ourselves, but also provide design & selection services for clients.



Since 1997, we have been designing and building award winning homes and remodel projects. From new homes built  ground up, to kitchen, bath, basement, and whole house renovations. Our experience is vast and spans many decades of home building eras. 



We have our very own, small but mighty custom woodshop. Here we are able to build custom cabinets, wood counter tops, pocket doors, barn doors, face frames, lockers, and a whole slew of misc custom made wood products.



Whether you have a 1920's bungalow that needs a time period true custom renovation, or a 1970's split in need of a modern upgrade, we've got you covered. Our experience has graced many architectural styles and we are able to make the renovation look like it was an original work of art in pristine condition, or a perfectly blended update to fit any size or scale with architectural accuracy. Although we have the ability to build and finish custom cabinets in our shop, we just as often supply or install owner supplied, pre-finished box or semi-custom cabinets. The choice is yours, and we only seek to give you all the options you want, not limit your options to what we would prefer.



Like kitchens, bathrooms can be in need of style, function, or a combination of both when it comes to renovations. Whether you want a period style renovation true to form, or you just want things to stop leaking and flush properly, we know both sides of that fence. From completely custom, to budget minded modern updates, our experience allows us to draw upon many possible solutions for your situation. Cabinet and vanity options here are the same as the kitchens we do. The choice is totally yours to make and we are happy to go either way.



Unfinished basements are a clean white canvas full of possibilities. 

Whether your basement is only a few years old in a relatively new home, 

or an old cellar that people are afraid to enter, we can make it the place to be. 

Anything is possible down there!


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